Discipleship is a multidisciplinary ministry. Since its goal is to make disciples of every believer, this ministry is present in the life of every small group in the church. It is the responsibility of this ministry to ensure that children and seniors alike are exposed to and growing in the grace of knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. To achieve this, the Discipleship Ministry, led by the Associate Pastor, oversees the Bible teaching that goes on in every small group in the life of the church. More importantly, it manages and runs the two main small groups: Sunday School and Wednesday Bible Study. It is important that all members belong to at least one of these small groups in order to make true connection with other believers.


At CIC, our weekly Sunday gathering to Celebrate and Worship God together begins with Sunday School in the Creole language, at 10:00 am. It runs simultaneously with our English Worship Service. Our goal in Sunday school is to disciple church members, in a small group setting, so they may continue to grow in the knowledge and application of God’s Word in their everyday life.
At 11:30 am, on Sundays, Small group Bible Study in English begins. It is designed for all age group, children, youth and adults who attend the English Worship Service. This group takes place at the same time as the Creole Worship Service. Its main purpose is to provide a platform where church members can dig dipper into God’s word, by studying it together.
We invite you to visit one of our small groups. We are sure the friendly and loving atmosphere will motivate you to become a lifelong member and learner of the Word of God.


Our midweek Bible Study is another opportunity for members to go deeper into God’s word as well as fellowship with one another during the week.
It takes place in designated homes and location throughout Broward County, in areas where most of our members reside. Groups run in English and Creole for youth and adults. During special times of the year, the groups meet together at designated location to fellowship and study together.
If you love studying God’s Word and sharing with others what the Lord has been teaching you; If you have a gift for communicating God’s truth in a way others can understand and grow in the Lord, please sing up to join one of our small groups